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Have you ever thought of a journey that, instead of creating a negative impact, is contributing to make a better planet? We from Ospitalità Natura, we wanted to try it.

It was not enough for us just select accommodations that stand out for their commitment to sustainability. Something was missing that would make the holiday even more aware and so, together with Up2You, we found a way to do it.

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For each holiday booked on Ospitalità Natura you receive an Up2You code with which you can support an environmental or social project. Just choose a project and we will contribute with a donation for you.

We select from time to time projects to be included: you will find different types, from reforestation, to the capture of CO2, to social goals for recovery and reuse of waste, all located in Italy. The basic requirement is that they would be environmental or social sustainability projects that allow us to make a concrete contribution to improve our planet.

Do you want to organize a vacation that does not leave footprints?

Book a sustainable holiday with Ospitalità Natura and receive an Up2You code, with which you can support a project that you choose.
You choose the project, we donate for you.

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