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Beyond the Eternal City, a land of endless opportunities

Three good reasons to choose a green holiday in Lazio

The land of the many paths

From religious roads to bandit roads

Old winemaking traditions

The Wine roads from Northern Lazio to Latina

Spas and wellness

Salus per aquam, from the springs of Bagnaccio to Suio

More than 200 national and regional parks, natural areas and nature reserves such as the Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests. Lazio is a region with many green areas and natural beauty which has invested a lot in tourism, building a large network of trails, tourist and cultural itineraries and promoting the area.

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Ancient roads where you can learn about the art and history of this region, its trades and conquests, ancient pilgrimage routes such as Via Francigena, the spectacular paths of St Benedict and St Francis, the hilly and steep climbs of the Apennines.
There are also ten lake basins, beautiful beaches, the Pontine islands and the precious resource of the healing and thermal waters, including Fiuggi.


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All places with Nature Hospitality in Lazio


This city needs no introduction. One does not need to be reminded of the many must-see monuments of Rome: the Colosseum, the Imperial Fora, the Pantheon, St Peter’s Basilica, the countless squares and the Trevi Fountain are only a few of Rome’s most iconic places.

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There also many beautiful lesser known places to discover such as the Garden of oranges, the picturesque alleys of Trastevere, the Courtyard of Arco degli Acetari and the zoological garden of Villa Borghese. We also recommend tasty tours outside the city on the Alban hills to try delicious wines and traditional dishes. Close


In the province of Frosinone, in the Ciociaria region, a medieval area rich in history, lies Fiuggi, a town renowned for its thermal waters with multiple curative properties, a stone’s throw from the Monti Simbruini Natural Park, near Lake Canterno, a stretch of water completely surrounded by greenery. 

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A place where you can rediscover the scents and flavours of the past, where you can breathe an air of absolute relaxation. A tourist jewel that captivates visitors with its natural beauty and fascinating history, with a historical centre characterised by picturesque streets and squares, well-preserved buildings such as La Rocca di Fiuggi, a majestic medieval fortress that dominates the horizon and offers a panoramic view of the town. Visitors can also explore the City Museum, which houses a collection of historical artefacts and works of art that tell the story of Fiuggi. 

Not just a wellness destination. For trekking enthusiasts, trails and paths framed by Fiuggi’s centuries-old chestnut forests can be reached from the city.


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