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A land that never ceases to amaze

Three good reasons to choose a green holiday in Liguria


Incredible expanses of green and blue


Parks and nature reserves, such as the Cinque Terre Park


32 Blue Flag beaches

When one thinks of Liguria, it is almost impossible not to imagine the intoxicating aroma of a dish of trofie al pesto, the symbol of Ligurian cuisine.

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Situated between the Riviera di Levante and the Riviera di Ponente, with its high, rocky coastline, 32 Blue Flag beaches, and numerous natural areas, including the Cinque Terre Park, a World Heritage Site, Liguria is a land of culture, art, and history.

Surrounded by long stretches of olive groves, the Ligurian hinterland also offers marvellous rural landscapes, picturesque views, ancient medieval villages where time seems to stand still.There is, in fact, a more hidden part of Liguria, characterised by kilometres of itineraries and routes such as the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, perfect for adventure and nature lovers.


Ospitalità Natura establishments in Liguria

Charming Biohotel
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Grand Hotel Villa Balbi
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Grand Hotel Villa Balbi
Bio breakfast Location
Sestri Levante, LIGURIA
TripAdvisor: 4/5 Booking: 8.4/10
From € 80,00 per person

All places with Nature Hospitality in Liguria

Sestri Levante

On the Riviera Ligure di Levante lies a village suspended between heaven and earth, Sestri Levante.

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A land of inspiration for numerous poets and writers, a protagonist of enchanted beauty, Sestri Levante is defined as the ‘City of the Two Seas‘ due to its particular geographical position. The small municipality, in fact, is joined to the mainland by an isthmus, a thin strip of land that divides the Baia delle Favole (Fairy Tale Bay) from the smaller and even more evocative Baia del Silenzio (Silent Bay).

Characterised by its picturesque pastel-coloured buildings, Sestri Levante has been included in the Network of Sustainable Municipalities, a demonstration of its ongoing awareness of sustainable development.


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