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The Land of the Sun

Three good reasons to choose a green holiday in Sardinia


From the famous Costa Smeralda to the La Maddalena archipelago, passing through endless unspoilt coves


Land of Nuraghi, among the most famous being that of Barumini


Objective first green and organic island by 2030

Whether you decide to discover it by sea or by land, on foot or on horseback, by boat or by car, Sardinia is an island of infinite beauty. Here, nature has a wild charm with romantic traits, from dawn to dusk. 

Descending from the numerous areas, along steep torrents and adrenaline-filled paths, you reach unspoilt rocky coves or the crystal-clear waters and striking stretches of white sand, such as La Pelosa beach or San Teodoro beach

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An ideal destination for lovers of outdoor holidays, from sailing to snorkelling to climbing, to explore and enjoy the wonders of the island.

But the real life of the island is hidden in the small villages of the hinterland, where it is possible to immerse oneself in a slow journey through Sardinian traditions and cultures, in the narrow streets that smell of myrtle and carasau bread, but also of honey, fresh cheeses and good wine. 

A place where time seems to stand still, Sardinia is also the undisputed queen of longevity, considered one of the best places in the world to live thanks to a healthy and genuine lifestyle.


Ospitalità Natura establishments in Sardinia

Basic eco-sustainability
Tramas Sardart Hotel & Spa
Location Wellness Spa
TripAdvisor: 4/5 Booking: 8.2/10
From € 55,00 per person
Advanced eco-sustainability
Agriturismo Corte degli Ulivi
Guaranteed by the NaturaSì ecosystem
Agriturismo Corte degli Ulivi
Capoterra, SARDINIA
TripAdvisor: 5/5 Booking: 10/10
From € 75,00 per person

All places with Nature Hospitality in Sardinia


Olbia is the gateway to the island’s most popular beaches, such as Santa Teresa di Gallura, San Teodoro and the wonderful Costa Smeralda, jewels of Sardinia. 

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From the Greek word for ‘happy’, it is an undisputed summer holiday destination where, kissed by the sun and rocked by the sound of the waves, a good mood is the special ingredient for enjoying the Sardinian town.

And again, an open-air archaeological museum, a visit to the Nuraghe RIu Mulinu, on the small Island of Peddone, and the famous Tomb of the Giants, located Monte e’ S’Abe, a funerary monument from the Nuragic period completely surrounded by greenery, is a must.



Capoterra, an enchanting location in Sardinia, is characterised by its natural beauty and wealth of tourist opportunities.

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Nestled in the largest oak forest in Europe, it offers visitors the opportunity to explore canyons, streams and creeks, making the environment ideal for guided excursions. 

The presence of the WWF oasis in the forest underlines the commitment to biodiversity conservation. In terms of history and culture, a short drive away is the Roman city of Nora, an archaeological site that extends even below water level, providing a fascinating insight into ancient history. Nearby, the ponds of Santa Gilla offer a unique spectacle with salt pans, flamingos and suggestive paths between sea and lagoon. 

Moreover, Capoterra’s strategic location makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the wonders of Sardinia.


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