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Nature to discover and admire just like a work of art

Three good reasons to choose a green holiday in Veneto

Parks, wetlands and forests

More than 40 protected natural areas from the Ampezzo Dolomites to the Po Delta

The lagoon and the thermal baths

Biodiversity and natural oases

Astronomical tourism in Asiago

The Dark Sky Park on the Plateau where you can admire the stars

Travel by boat or by bike, on horseback, by gondola, with snowshoes or skis, sailing or kitesurfing or on foot. These are just a few of the types of sustainable transport that are available to anyone who wants to experience Veneto’s great variety of ecosystems.
From the Serenissima to art cities such as Padua and Verona, from the beautiful Euganean Baths to the tranquillity of the varied lagoon landscape, up to the majestic Three peaks of Lavaredo.

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But also, the unique landscape of the Pre-Alps with deep blue skies and unspoilt nature.
Veneto is a region which stands out for the many ways it does tourism, all characterised by the love for a land which offers excellent products and flavours: Prosecco, red radish of Treviso, Vialone rice from the Po area, the white asparagus – all world famous.


Ospitalità Natura establishments in Veneto

B&B Hotel Bookable now
Basic eco-sustainability
Hotel Garnì Roberta
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Hotel Garnì Roberta
Homely atmosphere On the Dolomites
Rocca Pietore, VENETO
TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 Booking: 9.2/10
From € 60,00 per person
Bike & Pet Hotel Request availability
Excellent eco-sustainability
Best Western Plus Soave Hotel
Guaranteed by the NaturaSì ecosystem
Best Western Plus Soave Hotel
Strategic location Pet-friendly
San Bonifacio, VENETO
TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 Booking: 8.8/10
From € 74,00 per person
Stay in a tower Request availability
Basic eco-sustainability
Wine Tower
Sleeping on a tower Location
Padova, VENETO
TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 Booking: 8.8/10
Look at the structure
Wine Relais im Valpolicella Request availability
Basic eco-sustainability
Massimago Wine Relais
Wine tourism Relax
Mezzane di Sotto, VENETO
TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 Booking: 8.7/10
From € 105,00 per person
Eco-green charme Request availability
Basic eco-sustainability
Massimago Wine Suites
In the heart of Verona Parking
Verona, VENETO
TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 Booking: 9/10
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All places with Nature Hospitality in Veneto

Rocca Pietore

A large area with numerous villages, which goes from the shores of Lake Alleghe to the Marmolada at more than 3000 metres of altitude.

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Rocca Pietore has always been the crossroads of different cultures with Germanic, Ladin and Venetian influence. Among the many places of worship, the most notable are the small church of St Anthony of Padua in the Serrai gorge and the chapel dedicated to the Madonna of the Dolomites. You can also go on enchanting walks in the pedestrian area of the Serrai canyon. It features rock walls and, in the winter becomes a popular destination among ice climbing enthusiasts. The main attraction is the majestic Marmolada massif where you can admire the largest glacier in the Dolomites. This area is extremely popular all year round among sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who come here to practise trekking, skiing and many other sports.


San Bonifacio

An elegant village in the green hills where Soave wine is produced, San Bonifacio is strategically located 20 km from Verona.

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The village is a fascinating hybrid of history and the present, where one can breathe a medieval atmosphere in every corner. This town offers many cultural opportunities, including a visit to the fascinating little church of S. Abbondio, dating back to 1491. The San Bonifacio area also acquires further value if one thinks of the excellent wine that is produced, the fruit of the noble vines that grow on its gentle hills. The wide range of numerous cycling routes makes it an ideal destination for two-wheel enthusiasts.



Strolling through the squares of Padua is like stepping back in time, surrounded by elegant Renaissance and medieval palaces. 

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The majestic equestrian statue of Gattamelata, a masterpiece by Donatello, dominates the lively Piazza dei Signori, while Piazza delle Erbe enchants with its colourful and lively market. 

And again, the Basilica of St. Anthony is a spiritual and architectural icon of Padua, a place of pilgrimage that attracts the faithful from all over the world. 

Padua also boasts one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, the Botanical Garden of Padua, founded in 1545: a garden with a vast collection of rare and exotic plants in a tranquil and evocative setting. 

Finally, crossed by the Bacchiglione river, the city seems to be immersed in a picturesque setting for pleasant walks and moments of relaxation.

For gourmets, Padua offers a rich culinary tradition, with local specialities such as ‘bigoli’, a typical fresh pasta, and the famous ‘spritz’, an aperitif that has become symbolic throughout Italy.



Verona, the renowned city of love, has a history stretching back thousands of years. 

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Imagining a stroll through its ancient streets, in a city that enchants with its rich historical heritage and romantic atmosphere, the first thing that catches the eye is the Arena di Verona, an imposing structure dating back to Roman times that stands majestically in the city centre.

Colourful markets, cosy cafés and splendid palaces that tell stories of commerce and power enliven Verona’s squares, such as the lively Piazza delle Erbe and the majestic Piazza dei Signori.

And how can we forget Verona’s gastronomy! From traditional dishes such as risotto and polenta to local sweet delicacies, Verona knows how to conquer the palates of the most demanding visitors. And to accompany these culinary delights, there is nothing better than a glass of fine wine from the region, such as Amarone or Valpolicella.


Mezzano di Sotto

Mezzano di Sotto is a charming locality in the province of Belluno, also known as one of the ‘most beautiful villages in Italy’.

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Renowned for its traditional character and picturesque ambience, the historic centre of the village is an enchanting labyrinth of narrow paved alleys and old stone houses, adorned with colourful flowers and flower-decked balconies.

The houses, typically decorated with frescoes telling stories of daily life and local history, give the village a unique and evocative atmosphere. One of the main points of interest is the Church of St John the Baptist, a sacred building dating back to the 15th century, with its characteristic bell tower dominating the surrounding landscape. History and culture enthusiasts will find pleasure in exploring the vestiges of the village’s past, including ancient fountains, stone portals and the remains of fortifications.

For nature lovers, Mezzano di Sotto also offers the opportunity to explore the surroundings through scenic trails that wind through lush forests and breathtaking landscapes.


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