Circles of Sustainability: our organic and ecological guarantee

The circle is a figure that encloses and protects. It represents harmony, cyclicality and interconnection between different worlds, between us and the environment around us. This is why we chose it as an indicator: it summarizes the sustainability path taken by each accomodation that is part of Ospitalità Natura network.

3 circles

Basic eco-sustainability

4 circles

Excellent eco-sustainability

5 circles

Advanced eco-sustainability

What are circles?

The Ospitalità Natura accomodations can have 3, 4 or 5 circles of sustainability. This is the level of their commitment to sustainability. More are the actions accomplished by an accomodation, and these are more demanding, from an organizational, managerial and financial point of view, the greater their level of commitment.

The circles also represent the path that the accomodation has begun. Ospitalità Natura stands beside the structures in this process and project of conscious hospitality, so that step by step can always be more sustainable.

Each accomodation must have 5 + 1 basic requirements in order to be part of Ospitalità Natura network.

5 + 1: the basic requirements

All establishments available in Ospitalità Natura need to fulfil these basic requirements.

  • Organic breakfast area
  • Recycling
  • Linen change on request
  • Use of local or green products
  • More than 50% of clean energy
  • Use of flow restrictors

Besides these basic requirements, each hotel can take further steps towards reaching its sustainability goal by accomplishing specific individual actions: carry out sustainable building renovation, install solar panels, use eco‑friendly detergents or based on effective microorganisms, reduce or eliminate the use of plastic, grow vegetable gardens and orchards and support local businesses.

Which is the meaning of 3 4 5 circles?

The three levels indicate that the accomodations may have a different degree of commitment as well as different actions that the accomodations perform in order to be sustainable. Ospitalità Natura has identified a number of requirements, namely eco & bio actions that an accomodation can make, and according to the number of requirements that are accomplished and according to the green project that is underway, it is assigned a level of sustainability circles.

3 circles:<br/>basic eco-sustainability

3 circles:
basic eco-sustainability

The three circles indicate an accomodation that began its journey towards sustainability and is in an early stage of ecological transition. The ecological footprint reduction takes place mainly through choices related to the use of biological products, to renewable energy sources, the partial elimination of plastic.

These accomodations reach up to 30% of the requirements identified by Ospitalità Natura.

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4 circles:<br/>excellent eco-sustainability

4 circles:
excellent eco-sustainability

The four circles indicate an accomodation that has already achieved significant step of its ecological transition path. In other words has significantly lowered the carbon footprint. These accomodations carry out actions in every department and function, involving their employees and integrating solutions that make more efficient the property.

These accomodations reach from 30% to 60% of the requirements identified by Ospitalità Natura.

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5 circles:<br/>advanced eco-sustainability

5 circles:
advanced eco-sustainability

The 5 circles indicate an accomodation that has achieved remarkable sustainabilty results making its ecological footprint very low. The actions are related to making the accomodation more efficient in terms of consumptions and emissions and other actions related to the environmental, social and economic sphere.

These facilities reach from 60% to 100% of the requirements identified by Ospitalità Natura.

Discover some of sustainability requirements
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